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En esta área encontrará novedades del mundo de los accionamientos reguladores electromecánicos. Periódicamente le mostraremos p.ej., nuevos e interesantes ejemplos de aplicación y configuración de aparatos basados en nuestros módulos de cilindros eléctricos y accionamientos lineales.


Revolving Glass Door Panel Operated
by RACO Electric Actuators


In the center of Hamburg’s business district, a uniquely shaped building has been designed by the Berlin architects Pysall, Ruge. The four boomerang shaped building sections form a six-story office building with a center atrium. Found at both the north and south sides of the structure, four-story high revolving glass portal panels create lavish entrances to the building and the center atrium. Each actuator is equipped with onboard power ...

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RACO electrical cylinders for adjusting the
measuring arm to roll-grinding machines


The steel strip is led through rollers during the manufacture of steel strip. The preferred thickness for the sheets is rolled from steel plate while doing so. The rollers are subject to wear that is caused by the process. The damaged surfaces of rollers must therefore be measured and then reground at appropriate intervals ...

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RACO intelligent positioning and
regulating cylinders for tracking height


Automated processes require flexible adjustment to parts of different sizes or various stacking heights. Actuators that track the machine, tool or a conveyor belt with appropriate precision in real time and simply are necessary for this purpose. Typical applications are labelling machines that have to track packages of different heigh ...

RACO Electric Actuator in
sugar mill place


The applications in a sugar mill place high demands on reliability and availably of the production installations. Trouble-free, 3-shift operation has to be assured with unfailing reliability during the limited period of the sugar beet harvest. The incoming sugar beets are transported by a 200 m conveyor belt to the transfer station for further processing ...

RACO Electric Actuator in
brown coal mining


Open cast brown coal (lignite) mining is a principal source of energy accounting for a quarter of the total power generation in Germany. This has given rise to the intensified application of measurement and control techniques in the handling of bulk materials. To fulfil the constantly rising demands expected of process control, and at the same time ensure economical and competitive transportation of bulk materials, RACO supply electric cylinder actuators for simple implementation of highly effective drives ...

RACO Electric Actuators in
seat testing facilities


RACO Electric Actuators are used in a multitude of testing facilities to test the behaviour and specific properties of materials under widely differing conditions. The components are subjected to different load conditions so that weak points and qualify deficiencies in a product can be detected in the earliest stages of product development and testing. The established reference values are then used in subsequent production for substantial improvement of process safety ...

Subject: Salt loading station


Railway wagons are loaded in a salt loading station and then shunted by a wagon marshalling installation. The wagons are marshalled by a shunting carriage that is moved by ropes between the railway tracks, thereby eliminating the need for a shunting engine. Movement of the shunting carriage is centrally controlled by stored program control ...

RACO Electric Actuator in
cement clinker production


RACO COMPACT electric actuators are being used for the double flap valves of a kiln for cement clinker production in Saudi Arabia where 10,000 tons of cement clinker are produced every day. The double flap valves are actuated by a total of 20 type T6N4 electric actuators. The double flap valves must form a gas-tight seal when material is dis-
charged because an over-pressure of 0.1 bar prevails inside the kiln ...

Scissor lifting table in floor conveyor


In partially automated handling procedures different working heights are frequently required on manual mounting sites. To provide each worker with the same ergonomical conditions even under varying mounting conditions for the work piece, the lifting tables can be moved electromechanically ...

RACO electric actuators for the flap
operation in coal-fired power plants


In case of an application in a power plant the components have to meet particularly high requirements with regard to availability and long service life, because the main goal of the electricity supplier is to produce electricity around the clock! Flap triggering units in industrial power plants require a compact and rugged construction that saves space, is cost efficient and can be easily installed and operated...

RACO Electro cylinder for the guide vane pitch adjustment device in a water turbine!


The power station is equiped with two kaplan type turbines to generate appr. 110 kW power out put. For the efficieny of such a turbine configuration the rotor and the guide vane (stator blade) have to be adjusted in a optimal postion contineously, depending on the mass flow intake. For that reason RACO has provided their intelligent RACO postioning linear actuator, consisting out of the positioning motor, gear box and push pull unit with precision trapeziodal screw. That combintation with the integrated motor controller unit (frequency converter & absolute position sensor) realize nearly servo character ...

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